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Semifinal Club


Migé Amour: Bass

Ville Valo: Drums, percussion, vocals

Set List

  • This set list is unknown. If you have information about it please contact me.

Notes & Trivia

Excerpt taken from Synnin Viemää:

On the shores of the Vantaanjoki river, some promotion pictures were taken (they were quite weird, says Ville today), and for six months Ville had been pestering Juhani Merimaa, manager of the Tavastia Club, to let the band perform there. Finally, on New Year's Eve of 1992 they were allowed to perform at the Semifinal Club, situated right next to the Tavastia. "We performed just this one time, and then the band dissolved because Migé had to do his military service" Ville remembers. "It pissed me off to have to wait for Migé to get a leave. That was the end of the first beginning of HIM."

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