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? [Taubertal Festival]
Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Migé Amour: Bass

Emerson Burton: Keyboards

Linde: Guitar

Gas Lipstick: Drums, percussion

Ville Valo: Vocals

Set List

  1. "Buried Alive by Love"
  2. "Heartache Every Moment"
  3. "Your Sweet 666"
  4. "Poison Girl"
  5. "Sweet Pandemonium"
  6. "Wicked Game"
  7. "Beyond Redemption"
  8. "Pretending"
  9. "This Fortress of Tears"
  10. "Right Here in My Arms"
11. "The Funeral of Hearts"
12. "Lose You Tonight"
13. "The Sacrament"
14. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
15. "Join Me in Death"
16. "Soul on Fire"

Notes & Trivia

  • At the beginning of "The Funeral of Hearts" Ville sang a few lines from the beginning of "I've Crossed Oceans of Wine to Find You".
  • During "Right Here in my Arms" before the final chorus, Ville had the Women sing it out loud and then the Men had followed suit then out of no where Migé started to sing the chorus, yet he screwed up and sang the same line twice, ("She'll be right here in my arms, so in love.") Ville then laughed and said, "You don't even know the lyrics", to which Migé shrugged and they continued wrapping it up. The end of the song featured a blistering tag of 'T.V. Eye' by The Stooges.
  • A little while later a shoe flew on stage from the crowd. Ville then said, "If you want it back, it's backstage", right after that another one hit the stage. Ville then addressed the crowd saying the next song was dedicated to the "lost shoes" launching into "Lose You Tonight" which the lyrics were changed to, "Foot lose you tonight."
  • Before "The Sacrament" Ville complained about the fact that fans came a long way for this show and just wanted to rock out and couldn't due to the lack of energy from standing up all day. He also added that you couldn't of smelled that good either due to being in the heat all day long, but he also said he would be the same way.
  • Ville & Burton were sharing wine from a bottle on stage but soon Ville saw some Jägermeister and wanted some of that so he went and got a glass. He said "Prost" ("Cheers" in German) before consuming his drink.

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