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? [Highfield Festival]


Migé Amour: Bass

Emerson Burton: Keyboards

Linde: Guitar

Gas Lipstick: Drums, percussion

Ville Valo: Vocals

Set List

  1. "Buried Alive by Love"
  2. "Your Sweet 666"
  3. "Poison Girl"
  4. "The Sacrament"
  5. "Wicked Game"
  6. "Beyond Redemption"
  7. "Pretending"
  8. "Sweet Pandemonium"
  9. "Right Here in My Arms"
10. "The Funeral of Hearts"
11. "Lose You Tonight"
12. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
13. "Join Me in Death"
14. "Soul on Fire"

Notes & Trivia

  • As usual the band starts with a jaw-dropping version of "Buried Alive by Love". After the song Ville said, "Gimme a minute" and left the stage (for less then a minute!). In vein of the Taubertal festival show, two socks flew up on stage landing by a set list.
  • When the show came to an end, Ville said they would sing one more song which then lead to three actually. "Join Me in Death" was dedicated to Jyrki 69 from the 69 Eyes - they played the same festival the day before.
  • After "Soul on Fire" it was finally over and the band said their goodbyes along with "Ciao, see us on tour."

Bootleg Recordings

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