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9:30 Club
District of Columbia


Migé Amour: Bass

Emerson Burton: Keyboards

Linde: Guitar

Gas Lipstick: Drums, percussion

Ville Valo: Vocals

Set List

  1. "Buried Alive by Love"
  2. "Wicked Game"
  3. "Right Here in My Arms"
  4. "Poison Girl"
  5. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
  6. "Your Sweet 666"
  7. "Join Me in Death"
  8. "Solitary Man"
  9. "Resurrection"
  10. "Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart"
  11. "Heartache Every Moment"
  12. "Death is in Love With Us"
  13. "Razorblade Kiss"
  14. "Soul on Fire"

Notes & Trivia

  • Some one hit Ville in the head with a water bottle before "Resurrection". "Because of some ass hole we're going to skip a few lines and go straight to the second chorus", the band started the song half way-in. Drying off before it Ville says, "Thanks, I didn't have a shower." He also wanted the crowd to know that if they were going to throw things to aim for the torso, not the eyes, "I have really weak eyes and I won’t be able to read the teleprompter like Gun's N' Roses."
  • The lyrics of "Razorblade Kiss" were changed a bit - "the taste from your hips, the taste from your tits" with an appropriate hand gesture for both.

Bootleg Recordings

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