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Large Square [Artmania Festival]


Migé Amour: Bass

Emerson Burton: Keyboards

Linde: Guitar

Gas Lipstick: Drums, percussion

Ville Valo: Vocals

Set List

  1. "Soul on Fire"
  2. "Right Here in My Arms"
  3. "(Rip Out the) Wings of a Butterfly"
  4. "Your Sweet 666"
  5. "Solitary Man"
  6. "Behind the Crimson Door"
  7. "Vampire Heart"
  8. "Under The Rose"
  9. "Killing Loneliness"
  10. "Play Dead"
  11. "It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)"
  12. "Wicked Game"
  13. "Razorblade Kiss"
  14. "Poison Girl"
  15. "Join Me in Death"
  16. "Buried Alive by Love"
  17. "The Funeral of Hearts"
  18. "The Sacrament"

Notes & Trivia

  • This show was originally supposed to be filmed for a scheduled DVD release. The plans were eventually scrapped due to time constraints, technical standards not up to date and location costs. They would of also had to have gotten required written permission from every home.

Bootleg Recordings

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