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666 Ways To Love: Prologue


October 16th, 1996
Hiili Hiilesmaa

666 Ways To Love: Prologue is the only EP and release with the name His Infernal Majesty released on October 16th, 1996 only in Finland through BMG. This was recorded in 5 days and was their first official release after a demo in 1995.

Only 1,000 copies were produced.

Track Listing

  1. "Stigmata Diaboli" - 2:55
  2. "Wicked Game" - 3:57
  3. "Dark Sekret Love" - 5:17
  4. "The Heartless" - 7:25

Album Credits


  • The picture on the cover is Ville’s mother Anita when she was about 19 years old and worked in a shoe store in Aleksi.
  • The scream heard at the beginning of "The Heartless" is from Sanna-Jude-Hyde.

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