The Dark Light Tour was a series of tours to promote the album Dark Light. Portions of this tour are available on the Killing Loneliness and Wings of a Butterfly singles and Viva La Bam.

Tour Duration Location
Dark Light Tour
Dark Light Summer Tour 2005/06/032005/08/14 Europe, UK
Dark Light Club Tour 2005/08/272005/09/22 Europe, UK
Dark Light Fall Tour 2005/10/052005/11/27 North America
UK Tour 2006 CANCELED 2006/01/162006/01/26 UK
European Tour 2006 2006/02/022006/03/13 Europe
Japan Tour 2006 2006/03/172006/03/18 Japan
Australia Tour 2006 2006/03/222006/03/28 Australia, New Zealand
UK Tour 2006 Makeup Dates 2006/04/182006/04/28 UK
USA Tour 2006 2006/05/022006/06/10 North America
European Summer Festival Tour 2006 2006/06/162006/08/19 Europe
No Sleep 'Til Halloween Tour CANCELED 2006/10/182006/11/16 North America

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