No Sleep 'Til Halloween was a scheduled headlining concert tour that would of taken place in North America. It was eventually canceled in favor of the band going back into the studio to record material for the next album. The tour featured a line-up of HIM, Kill Hannah, Lostprophets, and Papa Roach. The first leg was to take place between October 18th to October 31st of 2007, going from the East to West coasts. The second leg would of continued the trek again this time from the West to East coasts on November 3rd to November 18th.

"No Sleep 'Til Halloween"
Tour by HIM
Locations: North America
Start date: October 18th, 2007
End date: November 18th, 2007
Legs: 2
Shows: 20 in North America
20 in total

Tour dates

North America Leg 1

North America Leg 2

Band members

Other performers

  • Kill Hannah
  • Lostprophets
  • Papa Roach

External Links

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