Projekt Revolution was a Linkin Park concert tour that took place twice in two years on two continents. The first leg was between July 25th to September 3rd of 2007, in North America. The second leg was hosted in Europe with HIM selected for three dates on June 21st, 27th, and 28th of 2008. The later leg dates were also a part of the 2008 European Summer Festival Tour. The band had a 40 minute time slot playing after Placebo on the North American leg.

"Projekt Revolution"
Tour by HIM
Locations: North America, Europe
Start date: July 25th, 2007
End date: June 28th, 2008
Legs: 2
Shows: 29 in North America
3 in Europe
32 in total

Tour dates

North America Leg

Europe Leg

Band members

Other performers


  • Linkin Park
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Placebo
  • Taking Back Sunday


  • Linkin Park

Songs performed


External Links

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