The Venus Doom Tour was a series of tours to promote the album Venus Doom. Portions of this tour are available on the Bleed Well single.

Tour Duration Location
Venus Doom Tour
Give It A Name Festival 2007/04/272007/04/29 UK
European Summer Festival Tour 2007 2007/07/062007/07/14 Europe
Support for Metallica's Sick of the Studio '07 Tour 2007/07/082007/07/18 Europe, UK
Projekt Revolution 2007/07/252007/09/03 North America
Fall Tour 2007 2007/10/182007/12/02 North America
UK Tour 2007 2007/12/072007/12/13 UK
European Tour 2008 2008/02/132008/03/12 Europe
Australia Tour 2008 2008/03/232008/03/31 Australia, New Zealand
European Summer Festival Tour 2008 2008/06/062008/08/02 Europe
Projekt Revolution 2008/06/212008/06/28 Europe

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